Titanium Anodizing Power Supply

For Titanium Anodizing.

Provides A High Voltage, Low Amperage DC Current

NB this unit is NOW available in 230 volt AC input. 


Input voltage: AC 230V/115V±10%;


Output regulator value: 0 to 120V continuously adjustable.


Output constant current value: 0 to 3A continuously adjustable.


Ripple voltage: 1% ≤ Vpp


Overall efficiency: ≥ 89%.


Digital display: three LED digital tube dual display.


Display resolution: 0.1V / 0.01A.


Display accuracy: ±1% plus 2digits.


Operating temperature: (-10 to 45 degrees C).


Storage temperature: (-20 to 60 degrees C).


Relative humidity: 90% (40±5 degrees C).


Price: $295.00


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  • KPS1203D