Teal Anodizing Dye Large makes 30 litres

Teal Anodizing Dye 

Part Number: DYETEAL30


1. Description

Teal Dye is a multi-component, water soluble dye, used to color anodized aluminum vivid shades of teal. ! RoHS compliant ! REACH compliant

2. Application instructions

Concentration: 4-6 g/l

pH: 5.5 ±0.5 Buffering: Not required

Temperature: 140°F ±5°F / 60°C ±-15°C

Oxide film thickness: 0.50 mils. or greater

Dye time: Depending on the shade desired, dye times could range from 10-15 minutes, but can only be determined by sampling in plant production.

Preferred sealing: CASWELL SEALER

3. Conditions for using Teal Dye

Tank: Stainless steel or other acid resistant materials such as neoprene, polyethylene and polypropylene that can withstand a constant operating temperature of 140°F.

Water quality: Deionized

pH adjustments: Raise with sodium hydroxide. Lower with acetic acid. The pH should be checked once per shift with a calibrated meter and maintained within recommended range.

Bath agitation: Moderate agitation must be used for high uniformity of color.

Rinsing: It is important to remove all acid residues clinging to the work and acid retention in the oxide pore itself. Rinse work load thoroughly after anodizing. A minimum of two rinses is recommended, with the second rinse at over-flow.

To increase rinsing effectiveness, add vigorous air agitation in all rinse tanks. This also improves your rinsing of surfaces on complicated shaped parts.

Temperature: Dyebath temperatures below 130°F may produce a yellowish hue.

Idle solutions: For consistent shades of green, continuous mild agitation is required.

4. Light fastness

Rating: 7 (1=poor, 8=excellent)

This color is not recommended for outdoor applications or other situations where it is subjected to intense UV radiation.

5. Storage

Store in original container in a cool dry location.

Close package tightly after removal of dye.

In humid environments, dye powder may clump-up.

6. Preparation of a new dyebath

1. A cleaned tank is filled with deionized water to about 75% of final volume and raised to dyeing temperature.

2. The necessary amount of dye is weighed out and dissolved in hot deionized water (160-180°F) in a separate container until a slurry is formed. This is your stock solution.

3. With agitation turned on in tank, pour stock solution into tank.

4. Top off the tank to final working solution volume with more hot deionized water and agitate for 15 minutes.

5. Using a calibrated pH meter, check the pH and adjust if necessary.

6. The dyebath is brought to dyeing temperature, 140°F ±5°F.

7. Dyebath concentration determination

Dyebath concentration can only be determined by spectrophotometric analysis. Full instructions are available upon request.

8. Product safety

We recommend that the company/operator read and review the Safety Data Sheet for the appropriate health and safety warnings before use

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