Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit

Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit


Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit is an acidic gel to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. Recommended for color coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels. Produces a pleasing dark gray/black finish.

Blackener stays where you put it.

Simply apply with a brush or swab, allow to sit on the part for 1-2 minutes and rinse off.

Then seal with the included Caswell Sealer.


Stainless Steel Blackener Gel Kit Includes:

1 X 4 fl oz Stainless Steel Blackener Gel (covers approx 2 sq ft)
1 X 4 fl oz Caswell Sealer
1 X Disposable Vinyl Gloves


Thouroughly clean Stainless Steel part so that it will pass a waterbreak test.
Using a clean swab, brush or sponge the blackening gel on the areas to be blackened.
Allow gel to sit on part for 30 seconds to 5 minutes maximum until depth of colour has been reached.
Rinse with water aand use sealer if desired.

NB if the blackening gel is left on too long you may find the blackened surface will rub off.

Rub the surface completely to remove over coated areas and re apply….


The Water Break test is when rinsed under gentle running water the water will flow al over the part and show no signs of beading.
If beading occurs at all on any area of the part it is telling you the part is not clean enough.

The MSDS for this product can be found by scrolling down this page, 



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