Stainless Steel Blackener 370 Small 500mL

Stainless Steel Blackener 370 Small 500m

Part Number:- SSB370

Stainless Steel Blackener 370 is an acidic liquid concentrate used full strength or diluted with up to 3 parts water to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. Recommended for color coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels. Produces a pleasing dark gray/black finish. No sealer required.

Please note, ALL stainless steel surfaces are passive by nature and may require activating.

This is done by immersing your part into a solution of 50% Hydrochlric Acid, which is available at nearly all hardware stores.

The second picture of the clip and hook is of 316 stainless steel and required the acid dip, and after that it went black almost immediately. 

When diluting any acid always pour acid into water. NEVER the other way around.

316 Stainless Steel  always needs activating, othere stainless steels may not. 

If they wont blacken and you haven't activated them, activate them.

Hydrochloric acid is the acid used by brickies to clean off excess mortar.

The MSDS for this product can be found by scrolling down this page, 

Sizes available,

Small size is 500ml

Medium size is 1 litre

Large size is 5 litres

Larger sizes please e-mail for quote.

Price: $80.00


 This Item is a HAZMAT item.
We cannot ship this overseas or to some very remote locations in Australia. 
We cannot ship this item to a PO Box or parcel locker it must be delivered to a residential or business address. 

Because it is a Hazardous item, couriers cannot guarantee delivery times as they have to manage compatibility of all materials they carry. This does not generally affect the delivery of aerosols.




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