Part Number:  PYRO653


 Pyro-Putty® High Temperature Pastes are used to seal joints and repair defects in cast aluminum, cast iron, steel and stainless steel. 

Formulated using the most advanced organic and inorganic-ceramic technologies, these materials resist temperatures to over 2000 ºF. 

Applications for Pyro-Putty® are widespread and found typically in the aerospace, automotive, foundry, heattreating, incineration, and power generation industries.


Ceramic-Metallic Filled Inorganic Pastes Pyro-Putty® 653 •

Ceramic & Stainless Filled, One-Part, Water-Based Paste • 

For Vertical Surfaces to 3/4” Thick • 

Repairs Cast Iron, Steel & Stainless Parts to 2000 ºF

Price: $395.00

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