pH TESTER With PH Buffer Solution Kit


Now includes PH Buffer Solution Kit (One Each 4, 7 & 10 Buffer Solutions) 4 oz

Accurately measures pH ranging from 0-14 pH. Pocket-sized, lightweight instrument will quickly test all your plating solutions, and even your swimming pool water.

The unit is splash-proof, and has one point calibration. Full instructions included.

CE Listed. ROHS Compliant.

Remove plastic strip in battery compartment prior to first use.

PH Tester should be calibrated prior to use. To calibrate:

  1. Clean electrode with distilled water
  2. Dip electrode into 7.0 pH buffer solution. If the meter does not read 7, adjust meter using adjustment screw on back.
  3. Clean electrode with distilled water
  4. Dip electrode into 4.0 pH buffer solution. If the meter does not read 4.0, adjust using adjustment screwon back.

pH 10 buffer solution should be used to calibrate when testing high alkalinity solutions.

Price: $95.00

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