Larger Anodes – give more plating, with more even results Plates up to 60 square feet [ 5.5 square meters] of decorative Nickel Constant auto agitation and filtering with New Pump/filter included Simpler Instructions New Degreaser Tank Included New HOT heater for Degreaser included

Our nickel plating kits are designed to provide a commercial quality finish on a miniature scale, in approx. 20 minutes. The finish can be applied as a final treatment, requiring VERY LITTLE buffing to obtain a high shine, or as a base for chrome plating.

Nickel plate has a very slight yellow color to it, but in many applications, if polished, it can double as a chrome plate.

All our chemicals are pre-weighed, so all you have to do is to add distilled water. We have tried to keep the processes as simple as possible and have standardized everything wherever we can.

The kit will plate onto steel, copper, bronze, brass, zincated aluminum, activated nickel, activated Stainless, Flash Copper™, or Bright Acid Copper. This system is too acidic for pot metal, which should be plated first in Flash Copper™.


Plate a beautiful nickel layer onto most metals.

Great for automotive parts and decorative items.

Use as an under layer for a show chrome plate.

As of 1 October 2019 this kit does not include heaters.

Nickel plate may also be applied over a copper plate, and copper plate will adhere to the nickel. We suggest you apply copper plate to any areas with large scratches or pits, repair them using our solder-it pastes and then nickel plate them. By buffing the copper plate before nickel plating, you can achieve a very high quality finish, similar to 'Show Chrome". If this nickel finish is then chrome plated, the part will be 'Show Chrome'.

All instructions and operating procedures are detailed in the Complete Plating Manual. Each anode will plate about 32 sq. ft of surface area at 0.0005" before it needs to be replaced. The solution is virtually permanent. No waste chemicals or dangerous fumes are produced.

NP3 18 Litre Nickel Plating  Kit

2 x 20 Litre Plating Tank & Lids
2 x 150mm x 200mm Nickel Anodes and Bandages
1 Pack Degreaser, makes 15 Litres
3 Packs Nickel Crystals with brighteners and Startup Solution 360mL (Makes 18 litres)
1 x Air Pump

The Complete Plating Manual
Free Technical Support

Improved Brighteners

NEW!! CASWELL NICKEL BRIGHTENER will produce highly ductile deposits, which are free from laminations. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth. The deposit is active and can be chromium plated if specified.

Superior ‘leveling’ properties enable fine scratches and imperfections to be filled, enhancing the overall finish.

Our regular Nickel  now plates faster with more coverage in the low current density area. It produces 20 to 30% more thickness in the lower current density area than any other system. If you are chrome plating onto this nickel, you will also get better chrome coverage in the low current density than any other nickel



Power Supply  Caswell Australia supplies these, follow the link.
Copper Pipe for tank bar
Copper Wire to hang items
Small amount of electrical wire to make connections
Distilled water



Price: $599.95


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