Mask It Masking Agent 1 Litre

Mask-It is a liquid chemical maskant used as a stop off for anodizing, chromate conversion coating and other plating on metals. Mask-It is fast drying (usually an hour at room temperature) and is resistant to most chemical processes normally required to anodize or electroplate.

Mask-It is completely resistant to hot solutions up to 99°C, or 210°F, and is tinted for better scribe line visibility. The cured film is tack free and will not adhere to itself or other parts.

Apply a thin coat with a small paintbrush to areas requiring masking

Allow 15 minutes to dry, then apply a second coat and allow 60 minutes to dry before putting into service. It must be thoroughly dried before using.

When Mask-It has served its purpose it can be simply peeled off, or soak in lacquer thinner.

Clean up with lacquer thinner. 

Sizes available are:

Small: 250 ml or 8 US oz
Large: 1 litre or 1 US Quart
Extra Large: 3.8 litres or 1 US Gallon [Special Order]


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