GOLD N [F. A. O.] Anodizing dye Large

GOLD N [F. A. O.] Anodizing dye

 Part Number: DYEGNFAO30


Ferric Ammonium Oxalate (F.A.O.) is a water soluble product used for the chemical absorption on anodised aluminium, producing a range of gold colours from light champagne hues to dark gold finishes. Tanks and fittings to be made from Stainless Steel or an appropriate acid resistant material.

The 1L bottle of crystals will make 30 Litres of solution using 18gm per litre.

The bottle contains 540gms of crystals.



After anodising & consequent rinsing

8 - 18 g/L of F.A.O. For Light Colourings

18 - 30 g/L of F.A.O. For Dark Colourings


Water Quality:  De-ionised water, distilled or de-mineralised.

Dyeing Temperature:    40 - 55°C  or 25 - 40°C (for the lighter colours)  

Dyeing Time: 0.5 - 30 min, depending on the shade required, but preferably 2-5 min.

pH of the tank: Between 4-5

To adjust down: oxalic acid To adjust up: dilute ammonia, however the process and the reaction of the product with air and light will increase the pH so under normal operating conditions this should not be required. 

STORAGE OF THE DYE SOLUTIONS When not in use, the F.A.O. solution should be protected from light, air and heat as much as possible.




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