Glyptal Brush On Red Enamel 1 Quart


Glyptal Brush On Red Enamel 1 Quart


Part Number:- G1201

The outstanding all-purpose paint

Although 1201 was originally developed as an insulating paint for electrical applications such as the treatment of coils and armatures, its outstanding resistance to corrosion, moisture, oil, acid, heat, dust and salt spray has made it popular throughout industry as a Primer, Sealer, Adhesive and Protective Finish. There are literally hundreds of uses for 1201.

Some of the more typical industry uses include:

  • Primer for structural iron and steel . General plant maintenance . Sealer for concrete floors
  • Primer and finish for motor, generator, and transformer housings
  • Anti-moisture coating on thermostat, water cooler, and truck control parts
  • Sealer for pipe and stud threads and vacuum systems
  • Anti-corrosion protection for winches ~nd other out- door apparatus
  • Electrical insulation for coils and armatures . Adhesive for gaskets
  • Coating for interior of hydraulic tanks, and bearing cases.
  • Superior performance from a superior paint.
  • Exhaustive tests conducted at the Glyptal laboratories confirm consistently favorable customer experience with 1201:
    • Meets Requirements of MIL-E-22118
    • Flexibility is far superior to competitive red sealers on both backed and air-dried films. 1201 can take rugged impact.
    • Water Resistance is excellent.
    • Prolonged Aging doesn't crack 1201's film, leaves no place for destructive agents to get in.
    • Fast Drying 1201 is tack-free in about thirty minutes at room temperature, can be baked to a beautiful smooth finish.
    • Heat Resistance. 1201 has got it, can withstand continuous 135°C temperatures for months.
    • Prolonged Heat. After 3700 hours at 35°C, there is no change in dielectric strength.
    • Toughness. High-gloss paints have a tender film. 1201 has a low-gloss finish, designed for great resistance to abrasion.
    • Adhesion. 1201 hangs on, stays where it's put-on metals, ceramic, porcelain, concrete, fibres, and wood.
    • Dielectric Strength is rated at 1500 volts per mil, permits thinner coating than most competitive paints.
    • Arc Resistance, even with air-dried films, is 480 seconds.
Price: $115.00


 This Item is a HAZMAT item.
We cannot ship this overseas or to some very remote locations in Australia. 
We cannot ship this item to a PO Box or parcel locker it must be delivered to a residential or business address. 

Because it is a Hazardous item, couriers cannot guarantee delivery times as they have to manage compatibility of all materials they carry. This does not generally affect the delivery of aerosols.




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