Electroless Nickel & Cobalt Disposal Liquid

Electroless Nickel  & Cobalt Disposal Liquid

Fortunately, electroless nickel & cobalt are fairly safe materials, nevertheless, there are heavy metals (nickel & cobalt) in the solution and they should not be disposed of carelessly.

Our kits have a special system included to 'plate out' the excess nickel & cobalt , rendering the rest of the solution harmless, enabling you to dispose of down a drain, or as per your local regulations.

The ELECEND Electroless Nickel & Cobalt Disposal Liquid is added to the solution when the kit is no longer required as per the following instructions as supplied in the manual with a kit.

Chemical Disposal Procedure.
Add enough household ammonia to make the plating solution turn blue Heat to 170 deg f. Using 1 steel pad per litre of solution, immerse them into the solution.
Add the END concentrate at the rate of 20 ml per litre of solution.
Heat the bath to 190-205 deg F approx. 1-2 hours until the solution turns water white.
The solution is now drain safe and can be disposed of.

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