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AluClean P25
Part Number: DEGP25

The correct surface preparation prior to plating is of the utmost importance. Slight traces of grease or oil, even finger prints, can completely ruin a good plating job. Yet most commercial systems use harsh alkaline cleaner that are tough to handle and extremely caustic, causing fumes and quickly burning skin etc. They can also cause catastrophic corrosion of aluminium when it is immersed for even a few seconds.

AluClean P25 is a non-silicated, non-caustic alkaline cleaner for aluminium.

AluClean P25 has low foam characteristics, thus it can be used either in soak or spray applications. 

AluClean P25 will not produce the heavy etching, gassing or smut associated with etching cleaners. 

AluClean P25 is designed for removal of a wide variety of soils from aluminium, but can also be used for other metals. For better cleaning results, bath agitation is recommended.

AluClean P25 does not produce irritating or corrosive fumes as usual powder cleaners. Non-dangerous materials are used in the product.

 No DOT regulations apply to shipments.

DEGP25 can be used for the removal of grease, oil and dirt etc. by simply heating the liquid to at least 45 deg C up to 65 deg C and immersing the parts for 5 - 15 minutes.

A Degreaser Cleaner is included in most plating kits.

Makeup is 30 gram per litre of distilled water. Therefore for a 6 litre kit to make 6 litres of degreaser you will use 180 gms of AluCleanP25. It is supplied in a 500 gm packet.






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