Chrome & Nickel Polishing Kit

This kit contains everything you need to polish chrome, nickel and other hard metals. The arbor adapter allows you to mount the wheels on an electric drill. Use the white compound with the spiral sewn cotton wheel, followed by the blue compound.

The Blue Begone™ easily removes bluing from chrome, and can also be used as an excellent all around final polishing liquid. The Hourglass buff allows easy polishing of chrome pipes.

•1 x Blue Begone™
•1 x Large Blue Compound
•1 x Large White Compound
•2 x 4" Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheels
•2 x 4" Loose Cotton Wheels
•1 x 3.5" Mushroom Buff
•1 x Hourglass Buff
•1 x Chamois Cloth
•1 x Arbor Adapter
•1 x 2" High x 1" Wide Bullet Felt Bob
•1 x 1" High x 1/2" Wide Bullet Felt Bob

Price: $99.00


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