Caswell Sealer 125 mL

Caswell Sealer Concentrate

Part Number: CSEAL125

Caswell Sealer is a fast drying coating that penetrates porous materials such as cloth, leather, plaster of paris, concrete etc. rendering it non-porous.

This Sealer is NOT used to seal anodized aluminium after dyeing.

Use as a primer over porous items like baby shoes, leaves, flowers etc.

The concentrate can be used as is, or thinned with water to a 10% solution with water. The part is then totally immersed in the solution for 15-30 minutes, then allowed to drip dry. A second application several hours later renders the surface completely smooth and non-porous.

To make the part conductive the part is then sprayed with Copper Conductive Paint or SilvaSpray. Finally, the part can be plated with bright acid copper.

Ideal for plating baby shoes, bone, plants, cloth and other porous items.

Caswell Sealer is also highly effective as a corrosion resistant coating over most metals, including Black Oxide coatings, Silver Plate, Gold Plate, Copy Chrome and antiqued copper or brass. It does not add any thickness to the part.

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