Casweld™ Keep Kool Putty 2 lb Tub

Casweld™ Keep Kool Putty - 2 lb Tub



Casweld™ Keep Kool Putty can be used as a heat sink to absorb heat and avoid surface discoloration on heat sensitive parts.

It can be used as a heat dam to prevent heat from traveling to areas that can be damaged by heat, such as O-rings, packing glands, glass and paint.

Keep Kool is ideal to hold or position difficult to align parts. It will keep distortion down when welding on light gauge metals such as stainless steel.

  • Dual purpose heat resistant material for insulating and positioning parts for welding
  • It can protect against heat besides being a jigging / fixturing compound.


Ideal product for use when welding, brazing or soldering.  


  • Maintenance engineers, plumbers, airconditiong engineers and many more trades and hobbyists will find this extremely useful.
  • ASBESTOS FREE - Does not contain any toxic elements.
  • Maintains shape when heated.
  • Withstands temperatures to 3000°F, THATS 1648°C
  • Can be reconstituted with water for reuse. 



The MSDS for this product can be found by scrolling down this page, 


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