CFW4 Canton Flannel Wheel 100 mm










100 mm diameter, 25mm thick Canton Flannel Wheel with 12mm centre hole.

Canton Flannel is very soft, and this wheel is loosely stitched, so the layers of cloth flare out to give a wide angle ultra smooth polishing surface.

Generally used with the BLUE or RED compound, this wheel can be used on the most delicate items such as silver and gold plate.

These buffs are now AUSTRALIAN MADE, and now have 50 layers of flannel cloth [ previously only 20] giving you better value for your dollar.

Also available with hard center types to suit a tapered shaft mount.

This wheel should not be contaminated with any other compound.


Other Standard Sizes Available

Medium 150mm x 25mm [6" x 1"]
Large 200mm x 25mm [8" x 1"]

Many other size wheels, and different thickness wheels are available on request, please contact us if you have any queries.

Price: $11.45


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