Bullet Felt Bob

Bullet Felt Bob - Up To 20,000 RPM

These felt bobs are a medium/hard felt with industrial quality, which gives them a long life. They are designed to be used with all our compounds to cut and polish and get in all the small places where wheels can't get.

Made of a medium hardness felt, these bobs are ideal for use in die grinders, electric drills and air drills.

Use with greaseless , or standard buffing compounds, or even convert the bob into a tough Sander by treating it with the Abrasive Wheel Cement system .

Small Bullet bob 12.7 mm x 25.4 mm with 6 mm shaft
Medium Bullet bob 19.0 mm x 38.0 mm with 6 mm shaft
Large Bullet bob 25.4 mm x 50.8 mm with 6 mm shaft

Price: $5.75


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