BOGK Black Oxiding Gel Kit

Black Oxiding Gel Kit
Part Number: BOGK

Easily spot blacken steel (not stainless) or iron. Simply apply the black oxide gel where you want the blackening to occur. The gel keeps the blackener in place. Leave it on the part for 1-3 minutes and rinse off. Seal with Caswell Sealer for a dry finish.


Black Oxide Gel Kit Includes:
1 X 125 mL Black Oxide Concentrate Gel (covers approx 1800 sq cm)

1 X 125 mL Caswell Sealer
1 X Disposable Vinyl Gloves


User Guide for BLACK OXIDE GEL

1.) Clean
Do not use petroleum solvents. Degrease using alcohol, chlorinated solvents, vapor degreasing, a liquid detergent.

Let the cleaner work for 1-3 minutes.

NOTE: If the part(s) has been sand-blasted or mechanically prepared, the cleaning step can be skipped as long as the parts are free from any oils, lacquers, finger prints, or other soils.
If this is the case, skip to step four.

2.) Rinse
Rinse with running water or a damp sponge/cloth. If water breaks occur, return to step one and reapply cleaner. Water breaks indicate the substrate is not clean.

3.) Remove Rust
Remove rust by using steel wool or abrasive paper.

4.) Blacken
Blacken using full-strength  BLACK OXIDE GEL, apply with cotton swab, sponge, or brush with a light rubbing action for 1-3 minutes.

You may reapply fresh gel if the reaction has stopped.

The depth of blackness is controlled by the length of time the solution is left in contact with the metal surface.

5.) Rinse
Step 5a. Rinse with running water or a damp sponge/cloth.

Adding a small amount of baking soda to the rinse water can help ensure complete removal of residual acidic Insta-Blak 333 Gel solution.

NOTE: If the residual solution is not completely removed, it may cause rusting of the surface as it dries.
Step 5b. Wipe dry or force dry with heat gun. Do not use compressed air to dry.
Step 5c. Rub with soft brush or cloth to remove the non-adherent layer of spent chemicals.

Optional: Repeat steps 4 & 5 if a darker finish is desired.

6.) Seal

Use Caswell Penetrating Sealer or Caswell Sealer [ Acrylic].



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