Black Chromate Concentrate



CASWELL's Black Chromate Kit is a single dip chromate process consisting of two components, Black Chromate A and Black Chromate B.

This system can be used over CASWELL Zinc and Copy Cad Plating Systems and will give a consistent and uniform black color.


The Black Chromate A solution contains chromic acid, which is a corrosive acid. Make sure to use proper personal protection. Rubber gloves, protective eye gear and NIOSH approved respirator are recommended.

Proper local ventilation is also recommended.


Mixing Instructions - be sure to mix in the following fashion to prevent acid splashing


  1. In a 10 Litre or larger plastic tank, add 3.3 Litres distilled water at room temperature
  1. Add the contents of the bottle of Black Chromate A
  1. Add the contents of the bottle of Black Chromate B

Usage - Solution temperature should be 21-32 deg C for best results.

  1. Rinse the part in distilled water after plating.
  1. Hang the part from some copper wire and dip into the solution. Parts should be immersed for approx. 30-120 seconds. You may have to experiment with the time to get the right color.
  1. Rinse the part in distilled water
  1. Allow to air dry or dry with a hair dryer (air temp not to exceed 70 deg C)


Makes 3.5 Litres of mixed chromate.

N.B. ADD chromate solutions to water,  DO NOT add water to chromate solution, it will spit and splash acid.

See below for current MSDS 


Price: $69.95


 This Item is a HAZMAT item.
We cannot ship this overseas or to some very remote locations in Australia. 
We cannot ship this item to a PO Box or parcel locker it must be delivered to a residential or business address. 

Because it is a Hazardous item, couriers cannot guarantee delivery times as they have to manage compatibility of all materials they carry. This does not generally affect the delivery of aerosols.




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