Anodize Fume Suppressant

Anodizing Fume Suppresant

Part Number: ANFUM

The issue of safety whilst anodizing is addressed by the use of plastic fume balls and a chemical mist suppressant, both of which float on the surface of the anodizing tank.

During operation, no dangerous fumes are evident. Anodize Fume Suppressant may also be used on any sulfuric acid electro-stripping or etching tanks.

Don't rely on mist suppressants entirely, they ALL break down eventually. Fume balls are permanent and they help control heat loss & evaporation, maintaining a more even tank temperature. Don't settle for kits that don't come with fume balls.

•1 x 4oz Mist Suppressant – treats 48 gals of Anodizing Solution

Bottle contains 4 oz or 118 mL of solution.


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Price: $24.95


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