Aluminum & Copper Alloy Polishing Kit For Hand Held Drill


Aluminum & Copper Alloy Polishing Kit For Hand Held Drill 

Kit Includes:

1 x Medium Mushroom Buff
1 x Small Mushroom Buff
1 x Arbor Adapter
1 x 4" Sisal Wheel
1 x 4" Spiral Sewn Wheel
1 x 4" Loose Cotton Wheel
1 x 1.75 x 1" Bullet Bob
1 x Large Brown Compound
1 x Large Black Compound
1 x 8 oz SAPPHIRE Blue Rouge Liquid Polish



This kit has been specially designed for polishing motorcycle and small engine parts using electric drills.

The SAPPHIRE Blue ROUGE polish should be wiped onto the surface with a cloth, then buffed off using any wheel, bob or mushroom buff.

The sisal wheel is designed for aggressive cut down or scratch and buff mark removal using the black compound.

Price: $89.95


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