Aluminum & Copper Alloy Polishing Kit For Hand Held Drill



Aluminum & Copper Alloy Polishing Kit For Hand Held Drill 

Kit Includes:

1 x Medium Mushroom Buff
1 x Small Mushroom Buff
1 x Arbor Adapter
1 x 4" Sisal Wheel
1 x 4" Spiral Sewn Wheel
1 x 4" Loose Cotton Wheel
1 x 1.75 x 1" Bullet Bob
1 x Brown Compound

1 x Large Black Compound
1 x 8 oz SAPPHIRE Blue Rouge Liquid Polish
Instructions, See Below


This kit has been specifically designed for polishing motorcycle and small engine parts using electric drills.


1. For best results, thoroughly clean your part to remove all grease and dirt

2. File or Emery paper all deep marks and scratches

3. Use the Sisal wheel (rope like) and the black emery bar to buff the entire area.

       Use the cone bob and the black compound to get into difficult areas.

4. Apply small quantities of compound to the wheel frequently. Do not let the compound build up on the wheel.

      It will only make a black mess.

5. Use the Spiral Sewn wheel and the brown compound to finally bring a high shine to the workpiece

6. Use the Loose Cotton wheel to get into difficult areas with the brown compound

7. Use the Sapphire Blue liquid rouge for the final polish and use following instructions

8. Apply with soft flannel cloth, rubbing polish generously over item to be polished.


Can be polished off with a soft cloth by hand or using a flannel buffing wheel.

Can be polished off when wet or it’s better to leave it until the polish is dry and then buff it off.


Wheels should be fitted to a fast electric drill or air tool.


For more information about polishing and how to, go to the following link on our Home Page

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Price: $89.95


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