Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System

Fully Adjustable Output From 0-50KV Force-Feed Technology For High Volume, Uniform and Consistent Powder Flow

Here is a great way to paint small parts. The process is simple, requiring only an old electric oven to bake the finish on.


•No control panel required – high performance electro-pneumatics built into the gun itself.

•No hopper required – large sized cup feeder

•No messy tubes or cables – all built in.

Easy To Use:

1.Plug into your wall power socket.

2.Connect a small air compressor line.

3.Fill the cup with powder.




Here’s how it works!

Firstly, the surface of the part is suitably prepared, just as you would for any other paint job.

Paint a durable layer, quickly and evenly onto any part.

The special gun is attached to an air compressor, and a power unit. The air blows the powder from the gun, and the power unit gives the powder a positive charge. At the same time, the power unit is connected to the piece being coated, and so it has a negative charge. As the positive paint particles fly through the air, they are attracted to the part and lay in an even layer over the entire area of the part. (This works a little like dust on a TV screen.)

The part is then placed in a dedicated electric oven, and baked for a while. This cures the coating to a tough chemical resistant finish.

It is important NOT to use a gas oven, as the emissions from the coating are flammable.

Do not use reclaimed powder.


The EZ50 is a complete powder coating gun, and is ideal for:

•the professional coater – a low cost standby gun

•the entry-level coater – an ideal start-up gun

•the casual coater - a hobby machine with unmatched results

•the first-time coater - quality results at a low price

Complete Specifications:

•Input Voltage: 100-260 VAC, 5-60hz, Single Phase

•A plug adaptor is included

•Output Voltage: 50KV - Fully adjustable from 0-50KV

•Air Requirement: Clean, dry air required. 15PSI, 1kg/cm3

•1/8" x 28 NPT Female Air Connection


◦Powder Coating System

◦3 Deflectors (12mm, 19mm, 25mm)

◦Flat Spray Nozzle

◦Air Flow Controller

◦Ground cable with clip

◦Powder Cup 500gm capacity

◦Power Adapter

◦Instruction Booklet

•30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty Included. Spare parts and repair service available upon request.

Price: $595.00


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