24ct Gold Tank Plating Kits GLD415 2 US GALLON

24K Gold Tank Plating Kit 2 GALLON / 7.6 L KIT



Work safely with cyanide free gold to plate jewelry, flatware, baby shoes, flowers, bathroom fittings and much more.

Caswell 24ct Gold is ideal for immersion plating of larger items. For brush plating applications, please use our FastGold system.

Certainly, tank-plating gold requires much less supervision and effort than brush plating. 24Ct Gold plates @ 2 micro inches per minute using approx 3 volts. Plating time is 30-60 seconds, to provide a durable decorative finish.

An application of a Clear Lacquer or Collinite Wax over a plated item will increase its wear, reduce water spotting and enhance the gold's color.

Cyanide free solution eliminates the dangers of deadly poisoning from ingestion through the skin or from the production of cyanide gas.

The system operates with either stainless steel anodes, or 24 carat gold anodes. Gold anodes prolong the life of the solution, but are obviously very expensive, and are so small that they're only useful for tiny items, such as rings.

Caswell 24ct Gold will plate directly onto tin, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, silver and most lead free solders. Some alloys must be copper or nickel plated first. Steel must be nickel plated first.

Trying to match existing gold supplied by another company is difficult as shades may vary. (It is better to lightly recoat the old gold with a new layer)

The system contains 2 pennyweights gold per US Gallon of solution.

Coverage is about 0.9 square meters [ 10 square feet]


As of 1 October 2019 these kits do not include heaters.


See below for current MSDS

2 Gallon Kit Contains::

•2 Gallons 24 ct Gold Solution

•1 x 3.5 gal tank with lid

•2 x Stainless Steel Anodes

•The Caswell Plating Manual

•Free Technical Support

Small kit is 1 US Gallon or 3.8 litre
Medium kit is 2 US Gallons or 7.6 litres


Power Supply

Heaters to heat solutions

Copper Pipe for tank bar
Copper Wire to hang items
Small amount of electrical wire to make connections
Distilled water
Heaters are usually supplied with a USA plug attached to suit the thermostat; or an Australian plug for any heater that is required to run direct to 240 vac.
All heaters, thermostats and pumps are 240 volt unless clearly labelled otherwise.

Price: $2,495.00


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