Shipping Costs
 We have not updated our shipping cost in many years, in that time there have been various changes; our ability to ship and not ship aerosol cans, numerous Australia Post pricing structure changes and the volume of orders we dispatch. This has prompted us to reevaluate our shipping. For the majority of customers this is a good thing as our shipping prices on kits and mixed part orders has been reduced to major locations. We use are using Australia Post less and less, as we have had numerous issues of late with the quality of service.

You may see some changes with your shipping break down depending on your location; we have endeavored to keep any additional shipping fees as transparent as possible to reflect the true shipping cost. Places like W.A., Tasmania, and the Territory will see a reduction in the base shipping cost to align with the rest of the country.  Some more rural locations around the country will have additional surcharges.  It may pay to experiment with the shipping, if you can have an item delivered to a business address or family friend a town or two away there might not be a surcharge.  These fees are location charges from our courier.

The big advantage we have found in using a courier is the shipping cost do not increase dramatically based on the items weight or size. This has allowed us to pass on the biggest savings to our customers.

  We kindly ask that you work with us over the coming weeks and report any concerns you have to



 The Team at Caswell Australia.