Plug N' Plate® KITS

Plug N' Plate® Brush Plating Systems


Simply plug in the adpater, dip the wand and stroke the plate onto your part. Great for plating smaller items, including car emblems, cutlery, jewelry No need to spend hundreds of dollars to plate small items.

The great new way to brush plate small parts

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4 Simple Steps To Brush Plate Your Small Parts


1. Plug In The Adapter

Plug In The Adapter

2. Clip the Black Lead To The Part

Clip the Black Lead To The Part

3. Soak The Wand With Bandage In the Solution

Soak The Wand With Bandage In the Solution

4. Brush The Wand Over The Cleaned Part

Brush The Wand Over The Cleaned Part

Plug N' Plate® is a new concept in plating small parts. Our unique mains power pack supplies just the right amount of power allowing you to brush, and in some situations, dip plate your smaller components.

The Plug N' Plate® system will also allow you to patch repair areas where the original plating has worn away.

Plug N' Plate® is ideal for vintage vehicle restorers, antique collectors and dealers, and small workshops doing prototype work.

What could be simpler? The Plug N' Plate® wand is attached to the red plug on the Power Pack, and the alligator clip is attached to the work-piece. The end of the wand is covered in an absorbent bandage, which is soaked in the plating solution for a few seconds.

By simply stroking the part with swift brush strokes, the circuit is closed and the plating metal bearing solution goes to work, depositing its beautiful layer onto the object.

Plug N' Plate® is perfect for gold plating car emblems. Simply strip the chrome off with Chrome Stripper, then apply the gold. Full instructions are included.

Plug N' Plate® may be applied onto most metals. To see which kit plates onto which metal, read our instruction booklet. To plate onto Stainless Steel, use our Stainless Steel Activator first, with a stainless wand and 4.5V power pack. When gold plating onto stainless, apply our Stainless Steel Activator For Gold with a stainless wand and 4.5V power pack, then you may gold plate directly onto the stainless part.

We do not recommend plating aluminum directly with our Plug N' Plate® kits. Use our Flash Copper Kit with zincate primer first, then you may Plug N' Plate® onto the copper. To plate plastic, or other non-conductive parts, spray with Silvaspray, plate with acid copper, then use a Plug N' Plate® kit.

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