Anodizing Dyes


The Following link gives a brief insight to anodizing and dying,

These professional quality anodizing dyes provide consistent,  quality results. 

The same dyes are sold to professional anodizing shops  all over the world. 

You will now find all of colours being supplied as a powder.

Their mixing instructions are on their labels and are usually for a small dye to add to 8 litres of distilled water

and for the large dye to add to 30 litres of distilled water.

Each anodizing kit is supplied with a color wheel. 

Dyes can be mixed together to create a host of different colors.

To make up different colors,  we suggest that you make up the colors to the correct dilution first,

then take a quantity of each dye and blend them together.  

These colors are approximate.

The finish will normally have a more 'metallic'  look, and will vary slightly depending on the alloy and surface preparation.

Procedure for Obtaining Dyed Anodize 

Anodize the aluminum at Room Temperature for 90 minutes at  0.5 amps per 100 sq cm. 

Use our Anodizing Kit. 

After thorough rinsing, immerse the part in the  dye at a temperature of 60°C for 15 minutes. Check the label as some dyes may have different instructions. 

Finally, seal by hanging the part in a sealer bath for 15 minutes. 

Note: All dyes are suitable for high temp and low temp sealants,  except Grey BL and Yellow 4A which should

not be sealed using LT Sealer. 

Not all colours have actual images available at this time, more will be added as they come to hand. 
Please feel free to submit your images.


Dyes supplied as 120 mL Liquid concentrate will make 7.5 litres of  dying solution.

Dyes supplied as 473 mL [1 pint] Liquid concentrate will make 30 litres of  dying solution.

Dyes supplied in powder form will make either 8 litres or 30 litres, check the label.

NB the label has the most current instructions for its contents. If in any doubt call us.