EK1 2.4 Litre Cobalt Plating Kit

Electroless Krome Is Now Our Cobalt Plating Kit

New and Improved Formula - Looks Exactly Like Chrome, Harder and More Durable

Looks Like Chrome - Not A Yellow Nickel!
Hard Like Chrome - Tougher Than Nickel!
Keeps Its Shine - Just Like Chrome!

One coat system - eliminates 2 steps!

No Batteries, Rectifiers or Other Power Sources Required. Electroless cobalt plating requires no anodes, power supply or electrical connection of any kind.

The process simply entails mixing together some solutions, heating them to just off the boil, and then immersing the part to be plated.

An auto catalytic electrochemical reaction takes place and the cobalt is evenly deposited all over the part being plated.

The thickness of the plate will depend on the duration of immersion. To stop the reaction, remove the part from the solution.

As of 1 October 2019 this kit does not include heaters.


Plates Many Metals - All Steels, Stainless Steel requires activating or plating with Flash Copper, Irons, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Lead Free Solders, and Nickel Alloys. Pot Metal with Pot Metal Primer Pretreatment or Flash Copper. Aluminum With Zincate Pretreatment.

Plate a chrome like finish on nickel, steel, iron, copper, brass, bronze and more.
Plates without power, simply heat solution and immerse part.
Plates inside tubes and indentations.

Our new Cobalt Plating Kit operates in exactly the same manner as our Electroless Nickel kits. The kit is pure cobalt...no nickel or other additives, which means it's perfectly safe for jewelry or other items where nickel rash was a problem. Cobalt gives the plate a dazzling chrome look and imparts more hardness to the surface, without any hazardous materials. Applied to a previously polished surface and then buffed lightly, the finish will match most commercial chrome plated pieces.

When electroless plating, you may not plate any item that has a surface area exceeding the maximum load of the bath. The maximum load is 30 sq. in./quart of plating bath. Refer to the table below

After making up the initial solution, each kit can be replenished with the included replenisher chemical, to a maximum of 10 times. After 10 times, the bath must be disposed and a fresh bath made. Based on the size of the kit, each kit will plate a certain amount of surface area. Refer to the table below. Replenishment chemicals can be purchased separately.

We recommend electroless plating for small parts, or when plating inside tubes or heavily recessed areas. For larger parts, use our Copy Chrome™ system.

Kit Size Maximum Load (largest size part) Approx Total Surface Area Available @ 0.0005"

Small 484 sq cm to 852 sq cm, or Mini 75 sq in. 132 sq in.
Medium 968 sq cm to 1703 sq cm, or Standard 150 sq in. 264 sq in.
Large 1935 sq cm to 3406 sq cm, or Deluxe 300 sq in. 528 sq in.
Extra Large 3871 sq cm to 6813 sq cm, or Jumbo 600 sq in. 1056 sq in.

EK1 Small Kit [Makes 2.4 litres] USA refer as Mini Kit, (Makes 5 Pints):

5 litrel Plastic Tank and Lid
Mist Control Balls
Electroless Cobalt Concentrate - part A 250ml [8 oz]
Electroless Cobalt Concentrate - part B 375ml [12 oz]
Electroless Cobalt Concentrate - part C 250ml [8 oz]
END Plate out disposal concentrate 120ml [4 oz]
2 Steel Plate Out Pads
The Caswell Plating Manual
Free Technical Support




Price: $240.00


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