DuraCoat® Clear, Matte


DuraCoat® Clear is an extremely versatile finish. It can be applied over DuraCoat®, bluing, stainless – almost any firearm surface that needs protection can benefit from DuraCoat® Clear.

When applied over bluing, DuraCoat® Clear helps prevent rusting and pitting. Protection against the accumulation of oxidization, dirt, and grime on stainless firearms is easily achieved with a coat of DuraCoat® Clear.

When using multiple colors, such as camouflage patterns, DuraCoat® Clear will even out the slight sheen differences.

Supplied in a 2 oz [60mL] bottle with hardener.

Requires an air brush or spray gun.




Price: $44.95


 This Item is a HAZMAT item.
We cannot ship this overseas or to some very remote locations in Australia. 
We cannot ship this item to a PO Box or parcel locker it must be delivered to a residential or business address. 

Because it is a Hazardous item, couriers cannot guarantee delivery times as they have to manage compatibility of all materials they carry. This does not generally affect the delivery of aerosols.




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