Bronze & Blackening Solution

Bronze & Blackening Solution Part Number: A02
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Bronze & Blackening Solution 

Part Number: A02

For use on copper and silver, Supplied direct from Caswell Inc, therefore bottle shows fl ounces. Bottlle is 8 Fl ounces, or 247mL.

Mix 1-2 fluid oz of Concentrate to 1 gal water, [that is 1/8th to 1/4 of the bottle to 4 litres of water,] depending on degree of effect required. Use at room temperature. Dip item into solution for 5-10 seconds, longer for darker effect. Rinse to stop coloring effect.

Varying the solution strength and the time of immersion can produce an almost infinite range of shades.

For the ‘French Grey’ effect on silver, scratch-brush or buff the high spots to expose the underlying silver. 

Brassy Bronze (1 second dip)(very iridescent)

Light Japanese bronze (3 seconds dip)

Statuary bronze (10 –20 second dip)

Dark purple (30 seconds – 2 mins)

Add 1 fl oz Household ammonia to preserve the mixed solution.




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