Plug N' Plate® FLASH Copper Solution 8 oz

Plug N' Plate® FLASH Copper Solution 8 oz 

Part Number: PNPCS9

This solution requires it's own Copper Wand .

Use the 4.5 VDC plug pack for this solution, 4.5 VDC Plug Pack .

This copper solution is alkaline based and can be used as a strike/flash coat over metals that cannot be directly plated with other metals.

It will plate onto STEEL, LEAD & PEWTER, these are typically difficult/impossible to plate with other metals directly.

Copper can be a great repair tool, filling in scratches, or if lacquered, can be an eye catching finish.

It can also be 'antiqued' into bronzes, and the famous copper green patina.

Price: $29.95


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  • PNPCS9