Silverplater 4 Fl oz /120 mL

A great new way to re-silver:

Headlight reflectors





Contacts, etc, etc.

Part Number; SLVRPL26


For old silver objects, simply apply a small amount of SILVERSMITH or SILVERPLATER to a soft cloth, and rub gently. The part will be etched clean and plated with a substantial layer of SILVER within a matter of seconds, as you polish. Rinse in fresh water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

SILVERSMITH or SILVERPLATER can be applied to surfaces made, or plated with, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, zinc. It will NOT work on base metals such as steel and aluminum. (But you could plate these with nickel first). The part should be highly buffed and polished before application.

As this is a real silver plate, it will tarnish gradually as with normal silver plate. A light rub over with a small quantity of SILVERSMITH or SILVERPLATER will soon restore the shine. Reflectors should last several years before needing a further application. Unlike metal polishes, SILVERSMITH or SILVERPLATER actually applies more metal each time you use it. Made with 99.99% pure silver.

SILVERSMITH contains cyanide and can only be sold to businesses.

SILVERPLATER is cyanide free, and works just as well as SILVERSMITH. The silver is applied more slowly.


Price: $95.00


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